Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Made To Crave, Comment Help

Hello Ladies,

I've gotten feedback that a lot of people can't leave a comment without a goggle account. To make this easier and not make you set up an account that you don't want just do the following:

When you want to leave a comment, type it in (be sure to include your name since this is a miscellaneous account) and then put comment as: Google Account

Hit Publish
Sign in

Password: madetocrave

Then you'll be taken back to the comment section and asked to type in two words to prove you aren't a robot.

Hit publish.

Tah Dah -- practice if you want, I can delete all the "tests" later (and if you leave your name you get put into the drawing for a weekly prize don't forget!)

Thank you! We are all learning (especially me!)

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